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Our Values

  • Relationships

    We believe that RELATIONSHIPS enable us to address the deeper needs of our children, youth and their families and are based on our Christian principles, demonstrating grace and promoting mercy.

  • Serving The Whole Child

    We believe that SERVING THE WHOLE CHILD means meeting the spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical needs of each child and youth.

  • Building

    We believe that SERVING THE WHOLE CHILD means meeting the spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical needs of each child and youth.

  • Stewardship

    We believe that STEWARDSHIP means that we are committed to managing all financial and other resources (including partnerships faithfully, ethically and with integrity).

  • Responsiveness

    We believe RESPONSIVENESS is central to meeting the needs of our community. We commit to being sensitive, aware and responsive to the needs of our children and youth; having the eyes to see opportunities to serve.

  • Justice and Reconciliation

    We embrace JUSTICE AND RECONCILIATION to create reconciliation in our community and bring justice to the lives of our children and youth.

Who We Are

In September 1987, Frontlines opened its doors to the children and youth in Weston, offering them a safe place to “hang out” away from the streets. Since then, we have welcomed hundreds of “Westonians”, providing programs and services in our quest to help make Weston a better and safer place.

Started as a drop-in centre that focused primarily on music, Frontlines has been a haven for many children and youth from the Weston community – many of whom had lost their way.

Weston in the late 1980s was very different demographically from what it is now but many of the problems that currently exist, such as a high poverty rate, low income household and high unemployment, existed back then.

The first director and founder of this community centre was Tim Huff who saw a need and approached the Weston Park Baptist Church and Youth For Christ (Youth Unlimited Toronto) to partner in establishing the drop-in centre. An avid musician, Tim was able to use music to engage the youth in the initial stages. As times changed so did the types of programs and each of the directors kept building on the foundation that was laid.

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We are excited to have our new website!
New Frontlines Website

New Frontlines Website

Welcome to Frontlines Toronto. We’ve updated our website to better accommodate the needs of the public. You can now visit us on your smartphone and tablet. Please don’t forget to follow us on social media, and share us with your
Frontlines Missions

Frontlines Missions

One of the most important aspects of programming at Frontlines is giving the youth opportunities and opening up possibilities for them. They are encouraged to participate in projects within the community such as picking up garbage and beautifying their surroundings

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